To understand how the earth was formed and modified, the Oman Core Drilling Project has collected over 3.2 kilometers of core samples in Oman’s desert that were once ocean floor and upper mantle. Our collaborators in the Ehlmann lab made spectrographic scans of the entire core, including billions of spectra and pixel-scale mineral maps. 

To explore the core’s complex mineral composition, scientists need to be able to see and compare the prevalence and location of multiple minerals across the contiguous length of the samples. However, the long length of the core and high number of relevant minerals within each pixel pose significant challenges to doing this. To further this research, we co-designed a new way to see, navigate, and collectively analyse the data.

The outcome, CoreInspector, enables researchers to intuitively search for and analyze patterns in the core sections, interactively create complex multi-channel/multi-mineral maps, and curate and annotate found features.